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    The cute little monk in Xichan Temple, Fuzhou, southeast China’s Fujian Province.


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  2. Anonymous said: My mom just told me that when she lived in Palestine there were turkish delights (sweets) wrapped in plastic and thrown in the wheat fields that she used to tend. She asked her mother if she could eat them and she told her that they'll kill her. Wallahi Israelis have no hearts.


    Yup when I was there I was wondering who dropped all this candy everywhere and I saw that from the helicopters they were throwing buckets of candy everywhere. Poisonous candy. Killing animals, and children.


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    Boys need body positivity too, so I’m here to tell the boys that need it that you look fucking awesome today. And have a nice fucking day because you fucking deserve it.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

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    In case you missed my silliness on Twitter, I decided to pull out ALL THE DILDOS today for pictures. This here is every non-motorized piece of silicone in my collection.  Behold the majesty and mayhem!  Vibrating things, glass and metal will get their turn but… uh, yeah.  The dildo photography is a Major Project.

    Photos will (eventually) get posted in a gallery (or two or three) on Ye Olde Blog.  But for now, I have to pick some dildos up off my front lawn, and continue the photo binge.

    I want to bathe in toys.

    Needs some Scrooge McDuck diving in.

    how much fucking money is that worth

    Is that a fucking Ice Cream dildo in the bottom right?


    because it’d be really cool

    is no one gonna mention the cactus….?

    The other elephant trunk is kinda cute.

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  5. lemonsweetie:

    10 Days of DS9

    Day 3 - Favorite Female Character - Jadzia Dax 

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  6. thedandyunderworld:

    Probably one of the best costumes from the con that I’ve seen.

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  8. jaunexarc:

    Is it just me or does NASA’s new Dream Chaser look like a larger version of the Farscape One?

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  9. mariowiki:

    Im so fucking mad Westbero Baptist Shit or whatever can literally mob around funerals and spew their crazy shit about god and how you’re going to hell but when people go to defend a black teen that was shot with out any reason besides pure blatant racism they’re getting arrested, shot, gassed, beat. Unbelievable this is 2014 not 1950.

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  10. This box, this ordinary looking banker’s box holds some of the best stories I have read in the last twenty years of my life. In here is the first 75 issues of Geoff John’s reboot of green lantern and a damn near complete collection of the Sirrus era Poison Elves to which I own so much to Drew Hayes for opening my eyes to what you can do in comics with enough attitude, raw talent, and always writing what you want to read.